Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Claire's blessing

We held Claire's blessing at home the Sunday after Christmas. In the LDS faith, a baby blessing is similar to a christening. The baby is officially given a name and the one giving the blessing, usually the dad, offers a prayer for that child's life.

When Charlotte was blessed, she wore the dress that I had worn as a baby. For Claire's day she wore the dress my mother had worn for her blessing. The look on my grandmother's face when I brought out the dress was priceless. Neither of us has any idea how the dress came into my possession. (I have a vague memory of it being stuffed in a box with some antique silver bowls.) She assures me it was white 60-odd years ago, but it has aged to a lovely ivory color.

The dress is made of Japanese silk that my grandfather brought back from his time in Japan as a serviceman during WWII. My great-grandmother made the dress and crocheted the lace on the hem and the matching lace cardigan. The silk is so fragile now I was nervous about Claire wearing it, but it added so much to our day, and it just seemed right for her spirit. I love the thought of five generations of women involved in that dress: Nina made it, Norma chose it, Sandy wore it, Kristen revived it, and Claire wore it. All those women are a part of you, Claire. Remember that you are loved.