Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Charlotte's birthday

I didn't realize I hadn't posted since our pre-summer-vacation snowfall. Summer did indeed arrive with all the fun, bugs, and weeds we'd forgotten since last year.

Charlotte's birthday was in June, and other than an unexpected case of 24-hour flu, was a lot of fun. We had to hold her celebrations in stages--before the flu, the next morning, and the next evening, depending on how much she was up for (that explains the different outfit in each photo).

As usual, Dad picked the favorite present--the princess castle.

I get credit for the "most bang for the buck" present: 12 Barbie dresses and accessories for $20. Granted, they have that "made in a Chinese factory" sense of style (peach dress with gold spider web trim, a pink ruffle and red straps). But Charlotte has a great time.

Everyone got to help decorate the butterfly wings on her cake with candy designs. I've become a big fan of the decorate-your-own-cake idea. Mainly because it means that I'm not responsible for how it looks.