Sunday, December 1, 2013


We were so ready for a break from school and work (too bad there's never a break from laundry and cooking). Lehi hosts an annual Family Week during Thanksgiving week and this year we took advantage of a couple of its activities. Wednesday we went swimming at the indoor pool. We hadn't been swimming since summer and it was great fun. Not surprisingly I haven't been as on top of things with the girls as I was when the boys were this age. They took swimming lessons year round so they wouldn't lose their summer skills. The girls haven't had that, and of course they've regressed.

Tyler watched and I listened to the first half of Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet on Wednesday night while I was cooking, and we finished it on Thursday night. I hadn't seen Shakespeare in ages and it was a neat interpretation. Hard work for my brain to follow the lines though! I've gotten soft since my college days.

On Thursday the boys really wanted to watch the Macy's parade so we did. It was really fun, and a perfect way to spend a lazy morning while the house filled up with good smells. Menu: turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, homemade rolls with honey-berry butter, green beans, sweet potatos with streusel, homemade stuffing, and salad. Pumpkin, apple, and homemade pecan pies for dessert (and breakfast the next day). I tried homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce this year and they were both pretty easy and way better than packaged, so I guess I'm stuck from now on! Granny came for dinner and we always love every minute we get to spend with her. She was so appreciative of the good food and gushed over the kids' piano performances and craft projects.

The rest of the weekend was calm and relaxing. A little yard work, pie for breakfast, no Black Friday shopping :), and a Star Wars marathon that I had once mentioned to the boys which quickly became "you proooooomised!"