Saturday, September 27, 2008

Back to school (a month ago!)

Hard to believe that six weeks of school have already blown by. Carden is loving first grade. I still don't get a lot of detail about what goes on, other than recess, but what his reports lack in comprehensiveness is made up by their enthusiasm. He has taken to the daily homework assignments without too much complaint and we are thrilled with his newfound interest in coloring (mainly because it indicates vast improvement in his fine-motor skills).

Seth is also enjoying preschool--a new school for him. We are quite happy that he's liking the new school, mainly because I chose it for the revealing but honest reason that it is 10 minutes closer to our house, one hour longer, and came with a carpool partner. What's not to like? In my defense, I did give Seth the final say, and luckily the new school had better playground equipment. And what do I do in my gifted free hour? Clean the house, teach Charlotte to actually play with her own toys instead of eating Star Wars action figures, wonder why I'm not getting a whole lot done in my free hour...

"Summer's lease hath all too short a date"

Labor Day weekend was a mix of one beautiful day and one rainy, windy, knock-the-sunscreen-out-of-your-hand day. Luckily we spent the sunny day outside without much thought for anything besides having fun. Even Dad and Angus got in on the act.
We ate blackberries off our bushes, swung in the hammock (our favorite backyard addition), had squirt gun fights and full-fledged water wars. These are the days you hate to see end, especially since at the time you don't realize that the best days of your life, like the season, are spinning through space, away from you.