Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to school!

Oh I was so relieved to have school finally start. For some reason this was a hard summer for me. It took at least all of June to be happy about having the kids around all day. Perhaps my dreading it turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it took about a month for my attitude to adjust.

And then it flew!

But even then, by the week before the big day, once all the backpacks had been loaded with pencil boxes and antibacterial wipes, Carden confessed that he was ready to start, and it was just silly to prolong the wait!

 Charlotte's nervousness about kindergarten didn't last long. She's gone to school three days now, and loves it. She's one of the youngest in her class, I'm sure, so we'll see how her adjustment goes. I laughed out loud at her evaluation the week before school started. The teacher showed her a sentence and asked, "Where do I start to read?" (trying to see if she understood that print goes from left to right.) Charlotte gave her a funny look and replied, "With your eyes!" Teacher asked "where does it go next?" Charlotte: "To your mouth!"

Seth is happy about his second grade class. His teacher has a fun reputation and having a male teacher will be a different experience. Seth said he'll like him a lot more once he stops confusing Seth's name with another boy in the class.

Carden was accepted into the advanced/gifted class this year. His class is a magnet site, so he's met kids from different parts of the city, which will make playdates a bit more of a challenge. His teacher is wonderful, but of course has high expectations. I was shocked to see him volunteer to recopy a homework assignment rather than erase half of it once I pointed out an error. I think it's going to be a good, good year!