Friday, September 2, 2011

We need more days like this...

Today the girls and I met Granny to feed the ducks. She squirrels away the cafeteria rolls in her little freezer at the retirement center and when she's gotten enough we go search out our feathered friends at the newly relandscaped Botany Pond at BYU. Claire and Charlotte absolutely loved it, and it was a perfect day.

My aunt Karen was passing through on a road trip from Southern California to take her daughter Kristina back up to BYU-Idaho for school, so they joined us for lunch, where I realized that Charlotte's love to be center stage gets really old when you're trying to talk to other adults. They were very patient with her and it made us laugh to hear Charlotte keep saying, "You look like my grandma Halverson!" She was so amused by the idea that her grandma could have a sister.

Tonight I took the boys and a couple of their friends to see Cars 2. They were beside themselves with excitement over going to the movies with friends. I know--we obviously need to get out more! I was equally excited that they got to be with friends without the major effort to get their rooms and the playroom cleaned up! The traffic was awful, though, and for 30 minutes I got to hear every playground joke that 7-year-old and 9-year-old boys think is funny--which of course, aren't really funny at all. This being Utah, the jokes are at least clean, for which I'm thankful. Some academic should do a folkloric study on why playground humor doesn't ever change. How can there be no new material since the1980s!