Monday, July 27, 2009

You wanted a post? Here it is...

Several people have informed me that their status as devoted followers of our little corner of the blogging world gives them the right to hound me for the lack of posts in the past four weeks. To them, I offer the following riveting account of how we are spending our summer vacation.

We get up late.

We clean the playroom/boys' room/family room/hallway.

We eat an Otter Pop to celebrate that one-half/one-fourth/one tiny corner of chosen room is now clean.

We change the sheets on the guest room bed. By a rough estimate, we have had house guests for 30 nights so far in 2009.

I praise the heavens for the invention of air conditioning. This is the first summer of my entire life where I have had it. I run it around the clock. I stand directly over/under the vents. Tyler can sell an internal organ to pay the bill if necessary.

We play outside.

We eat something not really resembling a balanced meal.

We play outside again. At 9:30 the sun sets and we herd kids inside. We do not generally bathe them.

We remind them (weakly) that bedtime was at 9:00 and why are they all still up?